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Application and features:
※ Suitable for fabricating elbow, tee, cross and Y shape (45° and 60 °) fittings of  PE PP PVDF in workshop. Also used to lengthen the injection moulded fitting and make an integrated fitting.

※ Integrated structure design which can fabricating different fittings by changing corresponding clamps.

※ Removable  PTFE coated heating plate with separate temperature control system.

※ Electrical planning tool with safety limit switch to avoid starting unexpectedly.

※ Low starting pressure and high reliable seal structure. 

※ Separate two-channel timer shows time in soaking and cooling phases. Give a alarm when timing over. 

※ High-accurate and shockproof pressure meter indicates clearer readings. Digital pressure meter is installed on machines   

※ Linear guide ways are equipped with heating plate an planing tool. 

※ Product meets  98/37/EC and 73/23/EEC standards. 

Optional parts:

※ Special clamps for welding flange stub

※ Special clamps for short spigot fitting

※ Special clamps for welding Y shape (45° and 60 °) fittings

※ Hydraulic opening and closed components 

Technical Parameters:



Pipe Sizes (mm)



0~90°Elbow , tee , cross , 45° and 60° wyes (optional parts should be used )

Heating Plate Max. Temp.


Temp. deviation in surface (170~250℃)


Working Voltage (V,Hz)


Heating plate power (kW)

22.23 KW

Planning tool power  (kW)

3 KW

Hydraulic unit  power  (kW)

4 KW

Total  (kW)

29.23 KW

Total Weight (no optional parts ) (kg)

3510KG(no optional parts)

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